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Classroom experiences with Timeline Web Application!

4 videos (in french only)
have been produced in elementary and high schools. These videos document teaching practices and experiences made in classrooms using the application and its contents.

Timeline Help Videos

Timeline Web Application

Première visite?First visit?

Here is a quick start guide to using the Timeline application to create your first timeline!
For more complete guides consult the help sections How to make a timeline and How to make a scenario.

  1. If you have not already signed up, click on the Register link at the very top of the page and complete the form.
  2. Click on the button “Open the application”. Be certain you have the most recent Flash Player (9 or 10) by Adobe installed already.
  3. When clicking on the Save button your timeline project will be saved on the server at the Service national du RÉCIT de l'univers social.

Once in the application :

  1. In the menu Timelines, click on Create a timeline;
  2. Give your timeline a title and click on the Save button at the top right of the application. Don’t forget to save regularly;
  3. Click on the tab entitled Edit timeline and the option Range and Time periods;
  4. Indicate the start and end dates for your timeline (example: 1900 to 2000);
  5. Select the option Edit your events and click on the button Create an event;
  6. Give it a title, indicate the start dates and end dates and enter some text to describe your event;
  7. Select the tab entitle Images and click to Add an image. If you possess an institutional code you can upload an image of your choice into your Documents and then select it. If not the RECITUS-sponsored Public Resources include an image bank containing more than 2000 useable documents in line with the study of history. Once your selection has been made, click on OK;
  8. Click OK to close the event entry, then select the tab View to see your timeline presentation;
  9. Use the navigation scroll bars and the zoom tool to navigate through your timeline, and click on the event to examine the event card details;
  10. Return to the Edit timeline tab to add other events;
  11. Don’t forget to save regularly!!!
  12. To know more about the various options possible when creating a timeline, consult the help section entitle How to create a timeline.
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