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Classroom experiences with Timeline Web Application!

4 videos (in french only)
have been produced in elementary and high schools. These videos document teaching practices and experiences made in classrooms using the application and its contents.

Timeline Help Videos

Timeline Web Application

You want to create a scenario? Here you have all the documents necessary to understand how the Timeline web application can help you. Note that the guides here also can be found within the application under the menu HELP. (Some translations pending.)

Comment?How to create a scenario?
**Note that to create a scenario you must first register and then open the Timeline web application.

  1. What is a scenario?
  2. Introduction : Create or Edit a scenario
  3. Settings section
  4. Edit learning scenario section
  5. Student notebook and Viewing the scenario

     6. ÉlèvesCreation of a scenario by a student

Videos Help videos (in french) are available here.






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