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Classroom experiences with Timeline Web Application!

4 videos (in french only)
have been produced in elementary and high schools. These videos document teaching practices and experiences made in classrooms using the application and its contents.

Timeline Help Videos

Timeline Web Application

Settings Section

The settings section permits you to identify and configure your Timeline. This section contains these 4 tabs:

  1. Information tab
  2. Sharing and access rights tab
  3. Banner tab
  4. Submit tab

1. Information Tab

In the tab called Information, you must give your timeline a title and classify it according to a historical period.

Down below you must indicate the name of the author of the timeline, as well as the name of his/her colleagues if the timeline was constructed by a team. If ever the timeline is "shared" other users will see who created it. Click Add, near the bottom left of the table, to add names.

Note that you can modify this information at anytime.

2.Sharing and access rights Tab

The tab for Sharing and access rights permits you to share your timelines in three different ways.

Important note: to be able to access the Sharing and access rights tab, you must have entered an institution code when you first registered on the Timeline site. For more information regarding the institution codes, please consult institution code page.
  • In the Read mode, users can only visualize the shared timeline, without being able to modify it. Here it is also possible to permit direct Internet access for a third viewer to to visualize the Timeline. As before, the person who obtains viewing access this way will not be able to make modifications..
  • After choosing the Copy mode, users will possess a unique copy of the selected Timeline in their own account. The Timeline will now appear in their My Timelines list, and they can modify it without affecting the original version.e.
  • In the Collaborate mode, several users can access the same timeline and can each make their own changes. This mode allows you to create a timeline with several authors. Important note: only one collaborator should open the timeline at a time, in order to avoid erasing the work of the others when the document is saved.

To share a timeline according to one or more of the above modes, you need to note the access code provided by the server and if necessary create a password. You then need to transmit this access code and password (by email, in person, etc.) to users you wish to give access. Then, by clicking on the menu Shared timelines in their account, they will be able to enter the necessary access code and password and gain access to your timeline in the mode intended.

Note : you must use a different password for each shared access mode, even if the access code is the same.

While a user has access to your timeline, you will see her name appear in the list in the share area. At any time you can take back the access rights already given out, except when the copy mode was used

3. The Banner tab

The Banner tab allows you to choose the banner image that best represents your timeline. It remains visible at the top and gives the timeline its personality.

19 banners representing different historical epochs are available.

4. The Submit tab

The Submit tab allows you to offer your timeline to all other Timeline application users, such that it will be included in the list of Public Resources. By clicking on the tab, further details will be clearly explained.

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